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There is Magic in a Micro Wedding

The phrase Micro Wedding is used to describe a smaller scale wedding. The day typically flows the same as any other wedding day, but has around thirty guests. Micro Weddings are increasing in popularity as perspectives on weddings (and the world!) are changing, and people are awakening to the reality of what it means to be married. We truly feel that there’s magic in a Micro Wedding and here’s why…

Maximising your mingling time.

What do we mean by this? You get to spend more quality time together as a couple, both alone and with your guests. Often couples say that their day passes in the blink of an eye but the beauty of a Micro Wedding is that it actually gives you more time. We’ve been living in a world deprived of all the magical things we once took for granted; hugs, kisses, closeness, touches, glances, togetherness, expressions and emotions. A Micro Wedding enables you to indulge in such luxuries and treasure your mingling time with your tribe.

Small is still beautiful.

‘Pintimate’ weddings are the newest trend. They’re a delicate blend of personal and intimate, whilst combining both formal and informal elements. They allow you the opportunity to design a truly unique experience and give you the freedom to run creatively wild! Magical weddings call for magical touches… for example, using nicknames on Name Cards rather than full titles, or tailoring the Menu Card for each guest. Knowing each individual on a deeper level means that you can melt their hearts with bespoke stationery.

Create your own He(art) Gallery.

We feel that it’s time to say adios (see you later) to unimaginative and impersonal wedding favours. Collecting memories is good for our soul, and keeping hold of these moments illuminates our hearts. Wedding days are filled with an ocean of positive energy and beautiful beings. As a documentary photographer Joanne loves to create a collection of images which capture the magic of being human. She’s also passionate about working with couples to gift guests their very own piece of he(art). Images are a powerful way of transporting people back in time, allowing them to experience and feel a very real moment all over again. Gifting guests a photograph of their choice means they’ll receive a lasting and personal keepsake from your wedding day.

The stress of the table plan is minimal.

The Table Plan can be one element that causes the most stress for couples. Trying to solve seating solutions when some people can sit together (and others definitely can’t!) can be challenging. The beautiful thing about a Micro Wedding is that you can metaphorically wave your magic wand and ABRACADABRA… the stress is gone! Not having as many guests to juggle can give you a little more freedom with the table plan too. You could even play musical chairs by mixing it up and moving guests between each course! Or simply keep everyone on one big table.

Eyes on the prize.

If being the centre of attention isn’t your cup of tea then a Micro Wedding could be just the solution.

An intimate ceremony with fewer guests can relieve some of the pressure that you may otherwise feel. Public speaking may not feel natural to you, however it’s important to remember that the commitment you’re making is in front of those that you adore the most. They will have played a significant role in your life, been there through any challenges you’ve faced and will continue to love and support you as newlyweds too!

A Micro Wedding gives you the freedom to choose how you plan your day - and as creatives we’d absolutely L O V E to be a part of your wedding adventure. Are you planning a smaller ceremony? Do you have any tips for couples opting for a ‘pintimate’ celebration? We’d love to hear from you!

Love & M A G I C ,

Joanne & Lauren


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